Breach of Contract Lawsuits: Who’s to Blame? Breach of contract lawsuits are common nowadays. Many modern companies use contractual agreements to hire consultants, temporary workers, and other types of project-based employees, and with these contractual agreements comes a certain amount of liability. If one of the parties breaches it, the other party may have grounds for a legal claim against them, and a breach of contract suit will ensue. Who Can File Breach of Contract Lawsuits In most cases, it is the employer/company who sues the contractor/worker for a breach of contract violation. Their grounds could be: The contractor failed to finish a project in the agreed-upon time period. The final product did not meet specifications or expectations. The contractor didn’t perform their part of the job at all. There are cases in which contractors may be able to file breach of contract lawsuits against the employer. Most commonly, this occurs when contractors are not paid enough, not paid on time, or not paid at all. Contractors also may consider filing a claim if they feel the contract or its terms were misrepresented or fraudulent in some form. In order to win breach of contract lawsuits, one of the involved parties must be able to prove four things: That a contract existed between the parties in the first place. That the contract was broken or its conditions were not met in some way. That the other party is responsible for breaking the contract. That a monetary loss was suffered. Get Help with Breach of Contract Lawsuits Did you have a contractual agreement with another party and now you feel it has been violated in some way? Then you could have grounds for a successful breach of contract lawsuit. Call 210-224-2200 to speak to a qualified contract attorney at de la Riva & Associates today.

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