What You Should Know about Breach of Contract Lawsuits Breach of contract lawsuits are pretty common in the business world. Maybe a contractor feels shorted on payment terms, or perhaps a business discovers a contractor has used their proprietary strategies without their consent. Whatever the reason, if you own a Small or Large Business, it’s important to be knowledgeable about these types of suits in case one should ever come your way. To prepare yourself for potential breach of contract lawsuits, here’s what you should know: The plaintiff must prove there was a valid contract. To win a breach of contract lawsuit, a plaintiff must first prove there was a valid contract in place. This requires four items: an offer to do (or not do) something, acceptance of that offer in writing or verbal conversation, the promise of some sort of payment (financial or not), and a mutual relationship between the two parties. If this cannot be proven, the case will not proceed. They’re often settled out of court. More often than not, the plaintiff in breach of contract lawsuits is simply looking for financial remuneration. This makes them very amenable to out-of-court negotiation. You may be able to speed up the resolution time and avoid a public court case by going this route first. There must be plenty of evidence. Proving a contract was breached is difficult. It requires access to emails, faxes and any correspondence between the two parties, and sometimes, these can be hard to obtain. The plaintiff must produce enough evidence to prove the other party did not live up to their end of the contract agreement, whatever that may be. Do you want to protect your company from breach of contract lawsuits? Need representation for a breach of contract suit that’s been filed? Then contact an attorney at de la Riva & Associates today. Our business lawyers are here to help.

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