What Damages Can You Get With Breach of Contract Lawsuits? Contracts exist for a reason: to ensure both parties hold up their ends of a bargain. But what happens when one of those parties doesn’t follow through? What recourse do you have when they shirk their duties and don’t deliver as they agreed? That’s where breach of contract lawsuits San Antonio come in. These lawsuits aim to penalize the reneging party, as well as compensate the victim for the losses they experienced as a result of the breach. Has someone breached a contract with you or your business? If so, you may have grounds for a suit. Typically, breach of contract lawsuits can compensate you for: Expected losses—This is the money you expected to receive from the contract. Since the other party did not follow through, you would be due funds to make up for this amount. Consequential losses—A little less tangible, these are losses you have experienced (or will experience later on) because of the contractual loss. For example, let’s say the other party was supposed to provide you with a piece of equipment. If they breached their contract and didn’t provide the machine, you could seek compensation for all the business you’ll lose by not having the piece of equipment you need. Nominal damages—If you didn’t actually experience a financial loss, you may seek nominal damages. These are simply designed to punish the breaching party and deter future similar behavior. Restitution—If you provided your services or goods, and the other party has not paid up or completed their part of the transaction, then you’re due what’s called restitution. This is to make up for the gains the other party received on your behalf (the total value of the goods, services or products you provided). You may also be due punitive damages if the other party acted particularly maliciously, though this is rare in breach of contract lawsuits. Breach of Contract lawsuits San Antonio Has someone you know reneged on a contract and failed to come through? You may have a case on your hands. Contact de la Riva & Associates today to discuss your situation with an experienced attorney.

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