Small or Large Business Litigation – Is it Time to Sue? As with any type of lawsuit, you should always carefully weigh your options before moving forward with Small or Large Business litigation. Not only can litigation cost you a pretty penny, it also take up lots of time and resources, and it can affect your brand’s reputation in the long run. Nonpayment, breach of contract and employment disputes are all valid issues, but are they worth hiring a lawyer or filing suit? There’s no right or wrong answer. If you’re considering Small or Large Business litigation to resolve your company’s problems, weigh these factors first: Your chances at success – First, consider how likely it is you would be successful with your case. Is it cut and dry in your favor, or are there extenuating circumstances that could sway a judge in the other direction? You don’t want to go out on a limb and just hope for the best; if your case doesn’t have a chance, it’s probably not worth pursuing. The evidence available – Is there evidence that supports your claim? If you’re suing for breach of contract, do you have the actual contract, as well as emails showing the contract was not honored? These will be necessary pieces of evidence to prove your case. Talk to your lawyer about the type of evidence your specific case requires. If you don’t have enough, you may want to avoid litigation altogether. Damages vs. costs – How much do you stand to gain from your case? Conversely, how much will it cost you to go through with Small or Large Business litigation? Be sure to include court and filing fees, lawyer costs, time spent away from the office and more. Make sure you can gain more than you will lose in the long run – that the costs of litigation are worth it – before you move forward. If you’re considering Small or Large Business litigation, talk to an attorney about your chances first. Contact de la Riva & Associates today to be connected with a business attorney near you.

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