• What is required to be filed for tax purposes with the state and IRS
  • The optimum place to locate your new business
  • How to limit your liability when providing business services from your home
  • The tricks of hiring employees and/or independent contractors
  • Legal aspects of intellectual property, such as trademarks and copyrights, design and development contracts, and any software licensing issues
  • Contract issues, such as dealing with vendor agreements, employee and subcontractor agreements, and real estate issues.
  • How to create documents such as the articles of incorporation and organization, the company’s by-laws, and operating agreements, among others

In order to succeed, we have developed a Service Portfolio to address any possible situation in your future business.

Our Legal Team is comprised of individuals in various fields, including business and international attorneys, certified public accountants, immigration attorneys, real estate developers and agents, website and marketing professionals, and international business advisors.




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