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Your Business and the Affordable Care Act All laws that Congress passes can be complicated, but the Affordable Care Act (ACA), commonly referred to as “Obamacare,” has generated a lot of conflicting information. So what are the facts? Whether you are a business owner or an employee of a company, it is important to know the facts. So let’s cut through all the noise and look at the ACA – it is rather simple. Enrollment for the program began October 1st of this year, and although the website has faced some problems, people can sign up online or on the phone. Your employer should have sent you a notice about the ACA by October 1st – and they have 14 days to provide the notice to new hires after October 1st. How does it affect me? The Small or Large Business Administration has stated that the answer to that depends on the size of the company for which you work. There are different provisions depending on how many employees a company has. So where do you stand? For Small or Large Business with 25 or less employees, there is no requirement to have health insurance. None. However, the ACA offers tax credits for eligible Small or Large Businesses that choose to do so for their employees. A company can qualify for a Small or Large Business tax credit of up to 35% (or 25% for non-profits) if they have (1) fewer than 25 full time employees; (2) pay average annual wages below $50,000; and (3) contribute 50% or more toward employee health insurance. For tax year 2014 and later, the tax credit increases to 50% (35% for non-profits) and is available to qualified Small or Large Businesses who participate in the Small or Large Business Health Options Program (SHOP) exchanges. To sum up – for companies with less than 25 employees – NO requirement – but there is a BENEFIT if they do. For business with 50 or less employees, there is also no requirement to provide health insurance. Keep in mind that in 2014, companies this size will be able to purchase coverage through SHOP competitive marketplaces. To sum up – for companies with less than 50 employees – NO requirement – but if they participate, they can use the competitive rates set up by SHOP. Business with 50 or more employees will be affected in 2015 if they DO NOT offer affordable health insurance with a minimum level of coverage to all full time employees and dependents – if so, they may have to participate in “employer shared responsibility” payments. This payment is triggered if at least one full time employee received a premium tax credit to buy insurance marketplace coverage. To sum up – for companies with more than 50 employees – ONLY AFFECTED IF THEY DO NOT OFFER HEALTH INSURANCE TO THEIR EMPLOYEES – if they don’t, they will make “employer shared responsibility payments” so their workers can be covered. Compared to all the news lately, we think this offers a clear way to see what the Affordable Care Act does and does not do. The Legal Team at de la Riva & Associates knows that sometimes things can seem complicated; that’s why we are here for you.

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