How To Win Breach of Contract Lawsuits Breach of contract lawsuits are common in the business world. When a company contracts out work that a hired party fails to complete, it can result in monetary losses for the hiring company. The situation can also be reversed, where the contractor does the work and completes the job on time, but the hiring company refuses to pay them. Both situations are breaches of contracts, and in such cases, the wronged company may decide to sue the other company to recoup their losses. Breach of contract lawsuits are often fairly complicated. If you’re on the losing end of a contract, however, don’t be deterred; contact an attorney, and keep these tips in mind to increase your chances of winning the case: Have a written contract. Oral contracts are hard to prove in court and so don’t always hold up. If you have your contract written down on paper and both you and the other party have signed it, you have a much higher chance of proving that you are in the right. Be sure to look at the fine print of your contract first, and ensure that you have held up your end of the agreement. Gather all correspondence. Make copies of letters, emails, notes, and any other form of communication that you and the other party had, both before and after the contract was signed. Often, this can provide key evidence in proving that the contract was breached. Don’t destroy anything. Destroying anything, including records, paperwork, and emails, can look highly suspicious, even if the documents have nothing to do with the contract in question. Be sure to keep all such documents and emails intact until the suit has been resolved. If you are considering filing a breach of contract lawsuit against a company, contractor or business partner, contact de la Riva & Associates today. Our attorneys are highly experienced in breach of contract lawsuits, and we can help you come out on top.

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