Small or Large Business Litigation to Fit Your Specific Needs In the world of Small or Large Business, no two days are ever alike – especially when it comes to legal needs. One day, a Small or Large Business may only need a few contracts drafted; the next, they could need defense for a workplace accident claim or need to file for infringement of trademark rights. The spectrum is wide and extremely varied. Due to this, Small or Large Businesses need to seek legal representation that’s not only high quality, but also vast. Small or Large Business litigation includes a whole slew of tasks – from low-cost and simple things like contract creation and copyrighting to expensive high-pressure items like employment disputes and breaches of contract. A great Small or Large Business lawyer must be able to handle any number of these tasks on any given day. What is Small or Large Business Litigation? Small or Large Business litigation is a broad term, essentially referring to all legal action involving a Small or Large Business. It can include initial start-up legal requirements, like forming an LLC, all the way up to the eventual demise of the business, as in dissolving a partnership or selling the company. Specifically, companies should look for lawyers who can offer help in these areas of Small or Large Business litigation: Drafting and negotiating contracts, non-compete agreements, and other documents Setting up new corporations, LLC partnerships, or sole proprietorships Settling employment disputes, including those involving unfair labor practices, disabilities, civil rights, and personal grievances Handling breaches of contract Managing personal injury and insurance claims Seeking trademarks or copyrights or file for infringement of these rights Small or Large Business litigation is necessary for the successful set-up and launch of your business, as well as for its ongoing success. It can help you in the event claims are filed against your company, and it can ensure your business is protected with thorough and legally binding documents, contracts, and other agreements. Do you have a Small or Large Business? Then don’t wait to get great legal representation on your side. Contact de la Riva & Associates at 210-224-2200 today to discuss how Small or Large Business litigation can help you and your company succeed.

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