In order to achieve that, we provide help in the following areas:


  • Ways to limit your company’s liability


  • How to properly begin a corporation or limited liability company (LLC)


  • What services your new company will need and how to set up a team that includes an accountant, financial planner, and insurance agent


  • The ins and outs of maintaining company documents, records, and meeting minutes for legal compliance


Why Do You Need a San Antonio Business Lawyer? Do you own your own business? Are you considering starting one? If so, you should consider enlisting the services of an experienced San Antonio business lawyer. A business lawyer can help guide you through the process of starting your company, from filing for logo copyrights and trademarks to formally incorporating your business. Additionally, they can also help represent you in any claims or lawsuits you may be involved in later on down the line. Specifically, a San Antonio business lawyer can help you with: The initial formation of a company, setting up incorporations, LLCs, and more. Copyrighting and trademarking your company name and logos. Creating partnership agreements for other investors in your business. Handling employment disputes, such as claims of harassment, discrimination, or hiring and firing practices. A lawyer can assist through mediation or by representing you in court. Drafting and negotiating contracts for employees, clients, and vendors. Resolving disputes regarding payments or contracts. Negotiating the sale and transfer of your business. Negotiating the sale and transfer of another business you wish to acquire and merge with yours. Protecting your company during civil or criminal litigation. Creating special allocations for your profits and losses. Representing you in the event an environmental issue arises. It’s always best to seek out a partnership with a business lawyer early on. This not only ensures your company is set up properly and that all your contracts are ironclad, but it also allows you to begin building a relationship with your lawyer. Then, when a lawsuit or claim against your company does arise, you can seek their help immediately. A partnership with an experienced business lawyer can be very advantageous, whether you’re just starting out, or you’ve been in business for years. To learn more about what a San Antonio business lawyer can do for you and your company, call de la Riva & Associates at 210-224-2200 today.

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