Employment Disputes Running a company means managing employees’ time, commitment, benefits, and pay, without violating fair labor practices, civil rights, disabilities, or personal grievances. It can be tough to make everyone happy all of the time, but it does not have to be an obstacle to operate within the law. Even when your company is doing everything right by maintaining employee handbooks, operational standards and terms and conditions of employment, employment disputes can arise despite your best intentions. The attorneys at de la Riva & Associates understand that employment disputes cannot always be handled within the confines of your human resources office. When an employee feels as if they have been wronged, whether it is through alleged discrimination, unfair practices, insurance claims, or unsafe working conditions, their litigious side is immediately compelled to hold the employer responsible for their actions. When employment disputes arise, employers need an accomplished staff to accompany them in arbitration and litigation to ensure they are receiving a fair defense against the accusations that befall them. Our attorneys will provide the exemplary commitment employers need to uphold the law, while protecting themselves from incredulous employee accusations. Do not take on an employment dispute without consulting our staff first. Whatever you say will be used in court, so make sure our staff is protecting you along the way.

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