6 Ways a San Antonio Business Lawyer Can Limit Your Liability No business owner wants to deal with lawsuits. Not only do they cost you time and money, they’re also no good for your reputation either. After all, who wants to work at a site where someone was severely injured? Or do business with a company sued by its employees? If you own a Small or Large Business, these are practical reasons to be proactive about limiting your company’s liability. The best way to do that? Hire a San Antonio business lawyer and let them get to work. They can: Review all your contracts. They’ll help you craft iron-clad contracts for your workers and clients, and they’ll review any contracts that come your way. Set up your business properly. They’ll discuss your options and set up your business as either an LLC, incorporation or partnership to achieve compliancy with all necessary laws and regulations. They can also assist with creating articles of incorporation, by-laws and other necessary documentation. Evaluate your insurance policies. They’ll scrutinize any insurance policies you may have for workers’ comp, premises liability and more to ensure you’re fully covered in the event of an emergency. Help you set up a succession plan. They’ll put in writing clear-cut directions for who will take over your business and when, so there’s never any room for error or liability. Help you manage your taxes. They’ll let you know what’s required for state and federal taxes so you’re never vulnerable to an audit or IRS issue. rotect your intellectual property. They’ll help with trademarks and copyrighting, and they can even police your trademarks to watch for illegal use. Want to limit your company’s liability? Then contact a San Antonio business lawyer at de la Riva & Associates today. We can protect the business you work so hard for, come what may.

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