4 Common Types Of Small or Large Business Litigation Suits While big corporations and companies get sued fairly regularly, Small or Large Businesses are liable these days as well. Small or Large Business litigation suits are more common than people think, and they can have serious consequences for the companies involved, including costing huge amounts in legal fees and settlement costs, tainting professional reputations, and taking up valuable time and effort. If you own a Small or Large Business, be sure to safeguard your company from these four common Small or Large Business litigation suits: Breach of contract – Contracts often come with fine print, and if one or more parties violate any of these fine-print terms, a lawsuit can ensue and a Small or Large Business can owe thousands of dollars in things like court fees and settlement costs. Debt litigation – If a business doesn’t settle their accounts, pay their bills, or pay vendors and merchants, those parties can choose to file suit so that they can collect on the debts owed to them. Alternately, a Small or Large Business can also choose to sue customers or vendors who refuse to pay them. Wrongful termination – If an employer or organization fires an employee without due cause, they can be sued for wrongful termination. Termination can also be wrongful if the employee was discriminated or retaliated against, or if the company didn’t follow its own termination processes and procedures. Workplace injury – Although some workplace injuries can be settled through worker’s compensation, the employee may seek compensation in another way if the business doesn’t carry worker’s comp insurance. This is often done through a lawsuit, which can garner the injured worker funds for pain, suffering, lost time from work, permanent disability, and medical bills. Small or Large Business litigation If your company is facing Small or Large Business litigation suits like the ones above, don’t go through it alone. Contact de la Riva & Associates today to enlist the help of a professional and experienced Small or Large Business attorney.

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