3 Steps to Small or Large Business Incorporation When it comes to Small or Large Business incorporation, there are three major steps but many aspects to each. Understanding the importance of each aspect to incorporating your business can ensure that you follow all guidelines necessary and are aware of your liability and responsibility as a business owner.

1.-The Promotion Stage is the ideation behind the business. This is the time to decide whether to develop a new business altogether or to acquire a business already in existence. Under the right terms and conditions, the latter may be a better option. Other things to determine include the product or service being offered, the company size, capital involved to make it happen and where this financial backing will come from, and whether the company should be private or public.

2.-The next major stage is the Incorporation Stage. Determining where the company is to be registered in your jurisdiction is first and foremost. Whether the county clerk’s office or elsewhere, the appropriate paperwork must be filed. Legal counsel should be sought if the soon-to-be business owner is unsure of the process or definitions. Once all necessary paperwork has been filed, a Certificate of Incorporation will be issued. This certifies the Small or Large Business incorporation and whether or not it is a limited company as well

3.-Finally, it is time to get down to business. The Commencement of Business Stage is just that. You have received all of the necessary paperwork to legally conduct business within a defined jurisdiction and are now set to begin providing your services or offering a product for purchase.

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